L.OV.E :: Eat, Move, Learn

Hey Loves,

I am so thankful to be starting a new week. This past week has been emotionally draining and I’ve been in a bad state of mind. While I try to stay extremely thankful in the present, sometimes my yearn for more becomes overpowering.  I sit and think of all the things I want to do, all the places I want to see, the life I eventually want to live and I get lost in how I am actually going to do it all. But then I saw the videos below and it all clicked. Life IS REALLY WHAT YOU MAKE IT. Take actions to create the life you want to live and emabrace the now.

It’s a reminder to why I started this blog. While yes, I write about fashion and interiors, which aren’t life altering topics, they are all thing that make me Happy. Taking the time to indulge in the things I love is what keeps me motivated to take the big steps that lead me towards my ultimate goals. Fall in love with something and watch it change your life, I promise it will make this life we’re living worthwhile…

Have a Great week!


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