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Good Eats :: “Tres Magnificent”

By Leslie –

Happy 2014 ladies and gents! We’ve been a part for a while, but I’ve continued indulging enough to share some of my new experiences with you. In fact, I’ve discovered one of the best boozy brunches in the lower east side to date, and Im eager to share all of the details. The yelp reviews for Tres were mediocre to favorable at best, but luckily a friend and I decided we’d give it a try anyway, I mean as if unlimited champagne mimosas isn’t enough of a ploy.
Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 10.05.44 PM
Tres is a quaint bistro like dinery that’s probably the size of 2-3 NYC 1 bedroom apartments. Look out for the sidewalk sign because you could easily walk past this place 2-3 times before realizing that its your chosen destination. Don’t let the size and decor fool you either, Tres champagne brunch is in my top 10 for LES brunch based eateries.
Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 9.59.39 PM
I arrived at Tres at around 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday. After waiting about 25 minutes to be seated at the bar, my friend and I ordered bottomless mimosas, the brunch menu has about 9 dishes, the Tres burger, Potato Pancakes, Frittata and Rigatoni Carbonara stood out for me, however my decision was simple, I ordered the Rigatoni Carbonara and my friend ordered the Frittata. The Rigatoni Carbonara was magnificent, parmigiano, pecorino mixed with a light pancetta cream made this pasta dish exquisite. The sauce was lightly glazed over the rigatoni giving it a light flavor, not too heavy or overbearing. There’s nothing worse than a pasta dish that leaves you feeling lethargic from an overload of sauce and seasonings. Although I didn’t get to sample the frittata it got rave reviews, it included Broccoli Rabe, Parmigiano and sweet sausages. Apparently the non conventional pairing gave the Frittata an ideal and irresistible flavor.
Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 9.59.51 PM
Too rich for my blood you say, well quite the contrary. This delectable meal was only $23 dollars and that included unlimited mimosas, the ultimate steal!
When brunching in my favorite city I like to take note of all the factors that make the brunch experience one to remember. Top notch dining isn’t hard to find in NYC, but the right crowd is. Tres crowd was the perfect blend of Bushwick hipsters and artists sprinkled in with the neighborhood crowd, its obvious that this humble eatery is an area favorite. Another positive is the fact that Tres is smack in the middle of Ludlow, so a nice lower east side stroll followed by some thrifting is a great option, always a major plus for me.
Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 10.04.41 PM
Needless to say if you’re looking for a laid back affordable boozy brunch, Tres is where you need to be. The entry title says it all, and trust me its no exaggeration 😉

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