Fashion :: Bill Cunningham Documentary

So we all know and love Bill. If you’ve ever wondered where the fascination with street fashion culture began, this man has a lot to do with it. We all want to look and feel our best when presenting ourselves to the world and conveniently the best way to do this is fashion. Society has always been pushed towards certain fads through magazines editorials and celebrities but it wasn’t until Bill started publishing pictures of regular people that it dawned on us that the fashion inspiration we all crave is everywhere. This not only changed fashion advertising but it revolutionized the need to be different. If Bill snapped your pic, it meant that you didn’t look like everyone else. Something about you or your outfit was unique enough to be noticed. Socialites, models, editors, actresses, bloggers, everyone caught on to this trend. Not only did you want to be creative through your fashion choices to stand out but you wanted to share this with the world. You can’t go anywhere now without taking notice to street fashion. Whether it be a trend influencing the way you dress or you purposing to dress to turn heads, someone is watching and probably with a camera. As Ann Wintour stated, “We all dressed for Bill”.

I heard about his documentary but never got around to actually watching it until my friend Airon dropped the link in my inbox and told me I have to watch it *Thanks Airon*. It’s a great film! Take a peek at the documentary trailer below. Its an in depth look into the growth of Bill’s career and influence on street fashion culture.


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