L.O.V.E :: She Makes Me Feel

I love music and singing. It’s really second nature to me. I live and breath music. I probable sing as much as I talk and couldn’t imagine not being able to sing (SN, I’m not a shower singer. I can sing really well, along with everyone in my family. It’s kind of like a right of passage thing around here lol).

I have songs that I literally fall in love with. Songs that I can listen to over and over. Songs that ignite a feeling in me that is indescribable. My iTunes shuffle brought me back to one of these songs. “She Makes Me Feel” by Mansions on the Moon. Not only are the words beautiful but the melody is so soothing. My favorite line is “When I need her, she comes running, She’s my women, One & Only”. The song is beautiful and addictive & so worth listening. Enjoy!


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