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Fashion :: Spring Shoes

Hey Loves!

I’m so excited that spring is finally here! If you’re on the East Coast like myself we might be skipping Spring and heading straight into summer, which is fine with me lol.

I’m a summer baby and it definitely has an affect on my shoe choices. I have a love affair with sandals and bright colored pumps. My winter shoes are a lot of black, browns, & navy  but when warm weather breaks, my personality shines through my shoe collection. Textures, patterns, bright colors, metallics, the ending of my boring winter wardrobe makes me pull out my fun shoes and show out.

So you know I had to do some shopping 😉 This seasons blush tones, whites, and faithful nudes are making a strong come-back. I need all the shoes below… like now!!  I’m going to practice some restraint and only pick a COUPLE pairs but if you’re up for the splurge I say get them ALL!

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 10.17.48 PM

Clockwise from Blue :: Blue : Green: Camel : Beige : Rose : Off White : White : White Strappy


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