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The Contour Brush That Will Upgrade Your Make-up Routine

I featured the Nars “Ita” brush in my February wish-list and had no plans of buying it because $50 brushes aren’t my thing but then youtube personality Itsmyrayeraye posted on snapchat about a dupe she found on eBay and of course I had to find it. This is no beauty blog but in the past couple years I have really stepped up my make-up game and realized that having the proper tools goes a long way. My current contour brush is angled, fluffy, medium sized brush that works fine but I tend to have use my sponge on my nose and I was looking for a better option. I started searching eBay but couldn’t find a dupe that had good reviews so I jumped to the next best thing, Amazon. Amazon had a number of options but I came across the Kingfasion Professional Flat Contour brush and the reviews were great, and it was only $3.00!! I bought 2 and in my shopping diet defense, I spend more on coffee in one day so I think the $6.oo splurge was ok, lol. See the comparison below and purchase here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.19.34 PM


Reviews note that the actual brush received has NARS imprinted on it. Below is a buyer pic from last month.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.50.54 PM



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