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H&M A/W 16′ Studio Collection

Guys I have failed you, I meant to post this earlier in the week but I lost my wallet this past weekend, my world crumbled, I crawled into an I.D.’less, moneyless hole and stayed there till I could get my life back together. Needless to say this was supposed to be posted on Saturday when these items were available online but it seems like a lot of the collection has sold out. Never Fear! If you live in a metropolitan area (especially NY where H&M is like Starbucks, basically everywhere)  these items will be at your store and you should run to go get them, seriously get up and go to H&M. This is one of the best studio collections I have ever seen from them and worth the price tag.

Of course I included my picks below. Im headed to the 5th Ave location today to see if the sheer rose slip dress and long sleeve lace dress are still available *crosses fingers*. Happy Shopping!







Purchase here


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