Swooning Over Anthropologie’s Fall 16′ Home Campaign

Guys I am literally swooning, like mouth open, this is gorgeous & I wish I lived here swooning. The inspiration for the styling of this collection was Paris (my second fav place in the world, read about my trip here) and they hit everything on the nose. The pieces are decadent but have a livable sense to them, which is important since we don’t all live in million dollar Parisian flats. The styling of the shoot really stole the show, from the flooring, to wall paper & paint colors, patterned side chairs, and accessories, it all works really well together. I also really love the demonstration of space planning. You can tell its one large space re-designed as different rooms, which is a great example of how we can create multi-functional spaces in our own homes. I could literally go on and on about this because its really emulates my personal style but I’ll let you see for yourself.












Purchase everything here.




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