The Leather Jacket We all Need

So if you know me, you know my weakness is outerwear, leather jackets in particular. Its your wardrobe’s best friend. A black leather jacket goes with EVERYTHING. Cute dress, throw on leather jacket. Jeans and t’shirt, throw on leather jacket. Going out and its cold but you don’t want to look like the abdominal snowman… (in unison) you throw On Your Leather Jacket! I currently have a lot of them (not disclosing the number, I don’t need ya’ll judging me) but theres one in particular thats held my eye for almost two years now, its a flattering cut, buttery soft leather, perfectly placed hardware and minimal details. TheĀ Acne Mock Leather Jacket, I want it so bad but you know what this wallet set up is like. I will say though, even at the price tag of $1,000 it would definitely end up paying for itself. I have seen a bunch of leather jackets in the past year but until this season not one as close a match. Enter Zara our trusty fast fashion retailer who always brings the designer looks into our lives. The horizontal zipper and button pocket are little off but more importantly the shape was right on & at $200 I’m here for it?

What do you think, taking the Acne plunge or Zara dupe? Whichever you choose your wardrobe will thank you.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 11.38.35 PM


Featured Image via Zara



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