Green With Envy for the Fendi Peekaboo

Over the past year green has become a serious contender for the number one spot in my wardrobe. I mean black will always reign supreme but army green in particular is getting pretty, pretty close. With my growing love of green I started craving a green bag and fell in love with the Fendi Peekaboo but wasn’t in love with the price tag so I kept looking and found three other options that I love and now I’m undecided.

If your up for the splurge, the Fendi will be a forever piece that will never go out of style and hold major weight in your collection. If you want to hold out and save some coins see my current favs and let me know which one you choose?


Fendi, purchase here


Tory Burch purchase here, Florian purchase here, MK purchse here


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