Givenchy Studded Boots for a Fraction of the Price

This months dupe is backwards in the sense that I didn’t know I was buying a dupe until after the purchase. I saw the F21 boots in a youtube haul video (sidebar the last pair of boots I bought from Forever lasted 3 yrs!) and bought them because they were really cute, only to find out a week later they are a exact replica of Rebecca Minkoff’s Maddox Buckle leather boots. I found the Minkoff style on Nordstrom, which pointed me to the Givenchy holy grail, studded boot that I love.

I usually don’t spend a lot of money on shoes because I live in a city, walk everywhere and I’m pretty hard on my shoes. Every couple years I do buy a pair of leather chelsea boots but I try *keyword* to stay away from high price tag shoe purchases. See all three versions below and happy shopping!


F21 Studded Boot (sold out online, try your local store)


Rebcca Minkoff “Maddox” purchase here 


Givenchy “Buckle” Bootie purchase here



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