Clean Modern Looks for My New Space

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile then you know that I’ve moved quite a bit in the past three years. I started this blog when I moved into my second apartment. I loved that little apartment and stayed there for two years. It was open concept with a pocket door separating my living room from my large bedroom and walk-in closet. It was all a single girl could really ask for. Then my dream apartment became available, which I talked about here, and I moved into a beautiful brownstone on the park and everything was great… for a while. I moved in with a roommate to afford the dream apartment *never try that at home kids* and it only lasted for 11 months. Fast forward to today and I’ve been in my new place since November and all is well with the world.

So lets talk pros and cons of the new spot. The cons, the apartment is a major downsize in square footage from my previous apts. and the floor plan is really chopped up. The biggest issue, theres only one closet in THE ENTIRE APARTMENT. Pros, I get to stay in my desired neighborhood, the kitchen is updated with W/D in unit and I have a backyard patio and life size shed (thats housing half of my furniture). I didn’t buy anything for the last apartment b/c I bought a lot of new furniture for my second place but my taste in decor has vastly changed and I’m ready for a different look.

I’ve become very attracted to clean, simple but still lush design. What does that mean you say? Well its a foundation of neutrals, clean lined furniture, with contrasting surprises of deep colored hues. I was looking for inspiration the other day and saw a picture that that led me to Stylizimo blog and everything I was picturing in my head was in her home. I obviously cannot copy her home exactly (even though I might if I could) but this is the vibe I’m going for this design go around. Tell me what you think in the comments and does moving or the new year make you guys want to redesign as well?











2 thoughts on “Clean Modern Looks for My New Space

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