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My 30th Birthday Wishlist, Bag Edition

Hey loves! Today I’m sharing this years first wishlist. Now I know I said last year that I was going to slow down on the shopping (stop rolling your eyes at me) and I kind of did but this year I’M NOT BUYING one thing for the first three months of the year. When I do buy something its going to be an item off my curated bday wishlist, which I’m starting now.

I’m turning thirty this year and the items I’m checking out are definitely luxury but I deserve it. The first item on my list is the Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Epi Leather. I first saw this color way on modatutkusu and immediately went to check for it only to find out this color is discontinued so I’m currently stalking it on the second hand market. Check out some mod shots from modatutkusu instagram below and if you see this bag somewhere, pppppllllleeeaaasseee link me!






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