Is 2017 the year of the Planner?

I haven’t used a physical planner in ages but it seems that planning has become a serious trend over the past year. Don’t get me wrong, in college my planner was my life, could not function without it. I would write everything down, club meetings, assignments, study schedule, work hours and it kept me on track. Fast forward six years, I’m an adult and while my iPhone calendar manages my personal appointments  and I live by outlook to stay on track of work I really don’t use physical planners. I just didn’t think it was worth it but then I started watching youtube videos about the Louis Vuitton Agendas and I all of a sudden I wanted to give it a try again. Leave it to Louis to get a girl excited about anything right?

See my agenda suggestions below and let me know what level planner you are?


Pink :: Black Snakeskin :: Mint :: Floral :: Louis Vuitton




3 thoughts on “Is 2017 the year of the Planner?

  1. This is my second year immersed in the world of planner. I don’t think I’ve found the perfect system yet, but I’m not one to buy 5 different planners just to find the one that works. I particularly like planners that fit in A5 6 ring binders. I’ve been keeping an eye on Kikki.K for a planner design so great that it’s worth the money.

      • Yes. I feel like my phone is full of distractions and doesn’t work well for reminding me when things are happening. If I write things down, I am much more likely to remember them. I also find I like sitting myself down to decorate for each week. More than just having fun with stickers, it really forces me to think out my entire week and what I do and don’t have time for.

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