The Silver “Diorama” that Will Compliment Any Outfit

Hey Loves! Today we’re talking silver which to be honest really isn’t my favorite metallic. I’m a gold girl all the way but theres something about this bag I’m really drawn too. I’m talking about the Dior Diorama in silver tone metallic. I stick to a very simple color palette, black, navy and grey especially in the winter and I think the silver tone would be so complimentary. It could be the surprise element in my monotone (leaning towards drab) winter wardrobe and in the summer it would service as a great evening/party accessory. Now you guys know I found an alternative in the event you want a more cost effective version and it’s pretty, pretty good.

I’m on the hunt for my 30th b-day bag so the Diorama (first picture) is definitely on the list but if I splurge on something I will nabbing this Jessica Burman inspired version (2nd picture).
screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-11-17-49-pm screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-11-24-30-pm



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