New Year, New Place… Whats New

Hello Internet! I feel like its been so long that I should reintroduce myself. Its been months since I’ve wrote and I’m not saying the exact number because its really bad. But lets just say my life’s focus took a turn for the better last year and I accomplished some professional goals that I’m really proud of. Fast forward to now and the only thing that has remained constant is that I’m moving again, this time it wasn’t by choice (gentrification is real ya’ll). But this wouldn’t be my life if I didn’t move every year. I can’t even act like I know how long this place will last but you guys know I love a design challenge so lets dive in.

This apartment is truly different than any other place I’ve ever lived. One, because its basically a tiny house. I know, crazy being I’m a brownstone heart throb but its a 750 sq. ft, single family, bungalow. It shares a driveway with the neighboring property that leads to a large paved patio and 4 car garage. This is rare to have in my city and major selling point. The other reason its different is because in all the apartments I’ve lived in none of them have had a “true” open concept floor plan for the main living areas.

I’ll be honest, the exterior leaves a lot to be desired (jailhouse vibes anyone). Pending I stay here it will be my labor of love project but the interior floor plan was thoughtfully designed for a single person, or couple. I’m going to go room by room with my design plans and do before and afters once I start the installs. So lets start with the living room. I am using most of my current furniture as its only three years old but the overall vibe will be revamped as my taste is  has really changed over the past three years.

:: Inspiration ::

Couch :: Coffe Table :: Chandelier :: Bookcase :: Leather Chair :: Side Table :: Rug (5′ 7′) :: Shag Rug :: Mirror :: Art



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