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The Black “Investment” Bag, Which One Should You Buy?

Believe it or not my wardrobe is lacking a a black handbag. I know, it’s crazy! As a fashion blogger this shouldn’t be. I mean, shopping is kind of my niche. But it’s true, my current wardrobe is lacking the essential black handbag and my dilemma is which luxury fashion house to choose from.

Lets do a short review of my handbag journey shall we. I only started buying and wearing luxury goods about 3.5 years ago. Since adulthood I would purchase a leather bag every year or two and wear that bag until it basically looked trampled. A sin in the luxury world, I know, but I didn’t really care at the time. When I started working at my current company and became close with my co-workers they brought to my attention my tendency to abuse my handbags and how un-attractive it was (talk about keeping it real). While I’ve always taken pride in my fashion sense and style I never included my handbags as a part of this. Fast forward to today, six bags later and a couple SLG’s and I’ll never turn back. I think a big reason why I’ve avoided investing in a black bag are the price tags but also because it will probably end up being the most worn item in my wardrobe. It needs to be able to fit into my everyday style, but also be worn for dressier events and be able to hold all my essentials. Thats a BIG commitment!

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.35.03 PM

So let’s start with the iconic Chanel, specifically the classic flap. A holy grail brand for most luxury lovers. Buying a Chanel piece is a win win. Logistically, the monetary value of Chanel bags increase from year to year due to the brands steep price hikes. I frequently change my mind about whether the classic flaps are for me (size medium, mini and WOC shown above). For the sake of possible resale, I would only purchase a classic style. As much as the medium classic flap can be styled with anything I don’t like the restriction of the strap size. Aesthetically the minis are my favorite but the idea of not being able to put a large phone in my purse is a huge turn-off. Last, but certainly not least, the Wallet on Chain is the less expensive but resales at market if not more depending on the style and boutique availability. I love the look of this bag. It’s simplicity at its best but still very functional. I have my eyes on a black lambskin with silver hardware or chevron trendy CC, both extremely hard to come by.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.19.04 PM

Dior, the lady Dior is a newer favorite of mine. The older, larger versions of this bag are not my taste but the 2017 remodel which brought about the mini and small sizes are very attractive. The silver hardware & customizable straps make it casual for everyday wear while the top handles still carry that dressiness that its known for. I can see myself wearing this bag with everything, all the time. Unfortunately, a huge negative is that the upfront retail price tag is extremely high. It depreciates the minute you walk out the store. As the yearly increases range only between $250-$500, they tend to sell for significantly less than retail on the pre-loved market.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.34.33 PM


The last three have very different looks from completely different fashion houses. Louis Vuitton is probably the most recognizable luxury brand on the planet while Celine, not so much. If you’re not a lover of luxury goods you would have no clue what the Nano and Box Bag were or that are probably the brands biggest breadwinners. In comparison, the LV Alma BB is a popular favorite for the brand and social media & sought after. I honestly, love all three & if I could have it my way they would all sit in my closet. They meet all the criteria. Can be dressed up or down, fit quite a lot and within a reasonable price range for a luxury bag. I would only buy the Celines on pre-loved market as I don’t think they are worth retail cost but the Alma BB is well under $2,000 brand new.

Chat with me in the comments about your favorites and let me know if you own any & cons I might not have thought of.

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