Finally Jumping on the Gucci Marmont Train & Why It Took Me So Long

Hi Loves! Some time has passed since I’ve blogged and there’s really no excuse. The summer was fun and time got away from me. I also haven’t done much shopping over the past couple months and c’mon that’s why you’re here. So what better way to jump back into the swing of things then with some luxury talk right? The last time we talked bags was here and I was debating a black bag purchase (which I bought by the way). But in making that purchase I realized as much as I wear black in my everyday wardrobe it’s not a color I gravitate to in my accessories.

So that brings us to the the love it or hate it, Gucci Marmont collections. Personally, I’ve loved this style from the moment I saw it. But I’ve spent the past couple years lusting over it from afar due to many hesitations, let’s discuss shall we. First, functionality and fit was a major concern for me. I am a mini bag girl at heart but I knew I wanted to invest in one of the larger sizes, which came with a significant price jump.  I wanted to make sure I could actually use it as a cross-body, which is debatable. I am 5’7″ and the flap bag when worn as a cross body hits me right at my hip (similar to the 1st picture), which is not ideal. As a single shoulder strap it was a much more comfortable length.


Another concern for me was color. At first, I thought black was definitely the color I wanted & this was going to finally be my black bag. But then I watched a million youtube videos and the market is saturated with them. I loooovvveee the white but I couldn’t take the risk of ANY color transfer. And I know you’re all thinking, “what about that pretty soft nude”. I agree, it’s a gorgeous but I have enough neutral bags for a fairly small collection.


So I kind of moved on and decided the marmont was not for me, until I was walking to work last month and saw the emerald green in all its glory *cue angels music*. Without seeing this in person, styled in everyday life, I don’t believe I would’ve naturally been drawn to this color. The woman was wearing a floral summer dress, which didn’t even necessarily match the bag but it just seemed effortless. Then I started to think of all the ways I would could style this color in my wardrobe and I was hooked. The emerald green was a new addition with this years Spring 18′ line and its currently sold out. Which was very surprising to me since it’s not in your basic colorway. I’ve sold a few items in my closet to make room for this and I am hoping to get my hands on it by the winter/holiday season.

What do you guys think about the Marmont collection. Are you over it or did this years colors (the toffee velvet is a-ma-zing) make you want to grab one for yourself? If you have any additional pro’s/cons I missed let me know in the comments!


P.S. I love the heart on the back… bite me 🙂


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