I Found A House (Sorta) and I Plan to Transform It & Take You Along

So if you’ve been reading this blog for a long time or even browsed through my interiors section you know that over my twenties, I have moved a lot. It’s a running joke amongst family and friends that I am a real-life-nomad. The first two times, completely my choice, the times after that not so much and it hasn’t been something I’ve discussed in much detail here. But I’m going to give a quick run down because it’s kind of important to understanding why this new sorta-house means so much to me.

2014 – Said goodbye to Bloomfield after a year and half & moved to Jersey City to a 1 bedroom/1 Den with a walk-in closet. I was really happy & content, until I wasn’t. This my friends was the start of learning a very valuable (and hard) lesson about the importance of living within your means.

2016 – I came across the apartment of my dreams. To comfortable afford the rent, I hastily moved in with a roommate (even though everyone told me not too). Fast forward a year, to save my wallet sanity , we decided to leave the apartment due to disagreements.

2017 – Thankfully, a teeny-tiny one-bedroom in my current neighborhood became available in the same month I vacated my dream apt. This was the smallest place I’ve ever lived in. I’m talking have to scoot out the bed small but it was in a prime location and the rent was affordable. Fast forward a year, gentrification had other plans. I was given a thirty day notice to get out. My landlord was rezoning the apartments to condos. Spend 500k for 550 sq. ft or leave… I packed my bags.

2018 – At the beginning of the year, I found a single family bungalow that was literally designed for a single person. I was super excited about it & immediately moved in. Within the first week, major structural issues came to light. I’m talking no insulation, freezing temps, roof leaks and roaches. A lot of them… I immediately cancelled the lease.

After the last move, I didn’t have a smooth transition like the former times. For eighteen months I did not have my own place. I wasn’t homeless, (thanks to my parents & boyfriend) but it’s definitely a difficult transition to go from living independently for most of your adult life to depending on others to open their home to you. It was a humbling experience at once of the most vulnerable times of my life. I’ve always taken pride in my home and being able to support myself so being displaced multiple times took a toll on me emotionally. But it also made me evaluate what I wanted out of a home and that it was worth waiting for.

That brings us to today. I found a house that might be the one, a starter house, possible one day investment property, the one. It’s a mid-century, split level that was converted into two units. The interiors have been recently renovated. The main level has its own entrance and open concept living, dining and kitchen area. With three bedrooms and one bathroom (bummer) but a driveway & garage. If you live in Jersey City you understand the HUGE value that holds. You don’t normally get to say you have those amenities here. The area is pre-gentrified but its safe and changes are coming.

So this post is really long and if you’re still reading, thank you! My goal this year is to truly put my mark on this home. I want to test, practice and refine my taste & styling talents and I want to properly share that here on the blog. Another goal is to use my home to start a personal portfolio so that I can start a styling business. So yes, there are big changes on the horizon and I’m hoping you’ll support and also get lots of inspiration for your own space along the way!

Wait did you guys think I wasn’t gonna share the place? C’mon you know me better than that. See the subpar iphone picks (sorry) and the first set of changes to take place.

The bedrooms are the same size with windows on the opposite ends of the room. I’m not planning on making any cosmetic changes… at least not right away.

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