The #SortaHouse Progress & Recent Home Buys!

So its been a year in the #sortahouse & I really love it. I’ve extended my lease so I’ll be here for at least another year. But I know we need to address the elephant in the room… why haven’t I shared any of the house? Welp, this is more space than I’ve ever had & furnishing it took much longer than I expected. I went back and forth with myself on furniture choices (and budget) more times than I can remember. Open concept and three bedrooms sounded great (and it is!) but I had to get real with my myself about how I was going to furnish all this space. Realistically, this is very different than living in an apartment and the space called for large furniture. As well as new furniture for the two additional bedrooms. My last apartment was 550 sq. ft and this house is 1100 sq. ft. not including the laundry room. So you can see my dilemma.

I also didn’t want to start buying new furniture until I sold a lot of my old stuff & saved. That took months *crying emoji. So long story short I really didn’t start furnishing the house until Sept of 2019. I went room by room as thats what my budget allowed. But I’m finally at the stage where every room is furnished & my next steps are changing some of the cosmetic finishes throughout the home to match my personal taste and style.

An fyi – in a home I owned, design choices for structural items, cosmetic finishes & fixtures would 100% come first. As these items were already in place upon moving in, I decided to tackle this last. In a rental, I knew I would have limitations on what I could do and wanted to ensure what I changed or upgraded would be impactful and in-line with the aesthetic I created in the home.

I am still planning on going room by room with reveals *yaaayy*. Everything from my original inspirations, design boards, & all the furniture sagas (and there were a lot). But for now, check out my recent home haul video and get a sneak peak of the living room, which is where we’ll pick back up next week.


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