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Crif Dog: NYC’s New #1 Wiener

So, yes! It’s been quite some time, BUT I haven’t stopped snacking and to be quite honest my palette has expanded pretty nicely over the past few months. I’ve had some top-notch dining experiences in every borough.. Staten Island, Manhattan and even Queens, which is famous for their great Thai options.

However, this weekend I found myself gallivanting in Brooklyn per the usual, Williamsburg more specifically and I pleasantly delighted with my findings:

Crif Dog Store front

The glaring sun was blinding me, and it felt as though the blazing summer steam was emitting from the Williamsburg concrete. In the midst of this unbearable scene I found myself craving cheap authentic NYC eats, seemingly I was smack in the middle of the perfect place, and in my unbiased opinion, Brooklyn is a great place for authentic NYC flavor. I happened to be steps from Driggs avenue and had a great recommendation for a hot dog spot from my coworker, not Nathans, and not your typical hot dog stand snack, but a quaint authentic eatery called “Crif Dog.”

“Crif Dog” is famous amongst Williamsburg residents for unique toppings and the Brooklyn famous vegan dog. Being that I have the ultimate iron stomach I’m thinking vegan schmegan. After a string of indecisiveness and turning down suggestions from the friendly staff members for the “Spicy Red Neck,” and the ‘Tsunami” I went for the create your own option, the plain jane dog with my all time favorite toppings; mustard, ketchup and coleslaw, the coleslaw had a sweet and sour taste that complimented the smokehouse style of the hot dog, the moment I sunk my teeth into the custom-made “Crif Dog” I knew exactly why they were named NYC’s Number 1 Weiner!

Spicy Red Neck

Crif Dog w.slaw
I had conflicting thoughts of recanting my decision after making a close encounter with the famous Chihuahua dog, (being that a costumer had just ordered it) the Chihuahua is wrapped in bacon and topped with sour cream and avocado, however at the time and considering the intensity of the heat that day, that particular option would have sent me into a coma of lethargy, that being said I stuck with my creation.

Bacon wrapped dog

**Fun fact: All Crif dogs are naturally smoked and contain beef and pork parts, sons the vegan dog. With an authentic and light taste the topping variations take this dog over the edge, surpassing Grays, Sabrett, Nathans and all of the other conventional hot dog brands. With its creativity and quality Crif Dog has the ability to be the go-to hot dog of NYC provided they expand the franchise locations past East Village and Brooklyn. With a speakeasy vibe and great options for those interested in cheap good eats I give Crif Dog 2 thumbs up and 5 stars for excellent service, good quality and even more quantity.

It’s safe to say I’ll be back for round 2 before the summers end.


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