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Fashion :: Spring Quit

So Spring really quit on the Northeast. There once was a time when March meant spring and the re-appearance of this thing called the Sun but now its nothing but this wretched white stuff everywhere, All. The. Time. I am over it! It feels like its been snowing for days here in the city, like its never going to get warm. I legit cannot wait to leave my house without a coat on. While I was at work yesterday, staring out the window wishing Storm Thor would leave my city alone I got a nice surprise, the J. Crew spring catalog. I have always loved their catalogs but rarely get them since I’m pretty sure my neighbor steals all my good mail (story for another time). The spring looks are classic J. Crew, casual, elegant and so right now. There a definitely a couple looks that I’m going to copy as soon as the weather lets me…






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