New Year… New Goals

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:: 2016 GOALS ::

So its halfway through January and I’m ready to share this years goals. I’ve never been into resolutions but more “I realize I want something & hit the ground running” but with growth I realize there is a power and benefit in evaluating what you want, setting goals and making plans to achieve them. My 2016 goals are more of a 18 month plan (countdown to 30 *yikes*) to bring to manifestation the life I want…


This year I plan to work harder than I’ve worked in a while. That’s not to say I haven’t been working, I’ve just been working for other people for the past 6 years & I’m over it. I’m purposing to work just as hard as I do for a paycheck for opportunities that will benefit me.

Which leads me to Boss Life, I am starting my own business. I know your thinking here we go with somebody else wanting entrepreneurship but this isn’t new. I always new at some point I would work for myself but I’m a firm believer in timing and taking risk when it makes sense and when the idea came it was a real light bulb moment. I can’t say what it is yet because I’m in the process of licensing but lets just say Summer will be an exciting time and I believe that moving forward with this particular plan will open doors for financial freedom and possibly allow me to say goodbye to corporate america for forever.

Lastly, lets chat about weight loss, I wish I could say that I wanted to get fit for health reasons but its all in vein. My boyfriend turned a new leaf & is really into fitness and it’s motivated me to do the same (no big gf over here), on top of the fact that my clothes have been kind of snug as of late. This year my focus is to get lean and transform my body which in turn leads to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Saying goodbye to 2015 and welcoming 2016 with open arms! Before I end my ranting, what are your 2016 goals, dreams, plans? I know you guys are reading but I love to talk to you, so please comment, email, meet me for coffee lol. I started blogging as a creative outlet but to also interact with people who thought my thoughts and content were relatable and I want to get back to that so talk to to me people 🙂 Hopefully this will be the best year of our lives!

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2 thoughts on “New Year… New Goals

  1. Okay little cousin you have motivated me, it seems you were in my prayer and communication time with God this morning. I too have plans to get in shape for health reason and because I just wanna look good. Lol, I have some other things in place and I asked God for help to get started and here’s my motivation. Everything else will fall into place. Calling Rex health care now Thank you lady Noel

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