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Summer Looks That Are Inspiring Me…

I have a confession, I’m a blogger stalker. Seriously, I am constantly stalking the internet for new bloggers, even more specifically ethnic bloggers that I can look to for inspiration, exciting content and looks. When I stumbled on this bloggers site I was seriously impressed. Lately I’ve been motivated to step my dressing game back up. Not that I don’t dress well now but its more on occasion and I’m ready to get out the rut. It’s a major boost to my confidence when I’m well dressed and this was the inspiration I was looking for!

I fell in love with everything this woman wears! I mean yes, the impeccable photography and perfectly selected backdrops make the clothing selection look even better but the taste factor & styling are the real gems here.I trailed through the archives and there are looks dating 3 years back that are on right on trend and could easily be featured in your favorite magazine today. It’s amazing, I’m going to stop crushing now and just share… Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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