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How I Stopped Compulsive Fast Fashion Shopping and Switched Over to Luxury

I think we’re well overdue for a fashion post. If you follow me on instagram, aaelblog (go hit that follow button) then you know I was talking the other day about how I’ve changed the way I shop. There are a couple questions I ask myself now before buying anything.

  1. First, what’ the items purpose? You should always be considering how a piece will fit into your current wardrobe and if it will last past the current season.
  2. Second, whats the quality? I tend to shop at retailers in the mid price range and always look for signs that it will last me a couple years, especially with outerwear.
  3. Lastly, which is a newer concept for me, is cost per wear. When making any purchase I consider what the cost per wear will be and if its worth the price tag.

Another way I’ve changed my shopping habits is how often I shop. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you know I’m a shopper. Always have been and it probably wont ever change. What I have stopped is compulsive shopping. I buy seasonally now and with a plan. I make a list of things that I need and want and buy them when they’re on sale, which is usually at then end of a season. So speaking of planning heres some luxury pieces I’m plotting on.


Coat :: Sunglasses :: O’case :: Boots :: Handbag




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