My 2020 Luxury Wishlist

Guys, two weeks in a row, is your girl being consistent or what (thats sarcasm for those in the back)? If you read last week post, then you know I’m practicing a low buy year. I set up a number of rules to stay on track and one of them was creating a wishlist and actually sticking to it. Making this wishlist helped me reevaluate my wardrobe and think about pieces I need to add, while budgeting for items I’ve always wanted.

More importantly, the only (jk) fashion items I will buy this year will be from this wishlist.

My 2020 Wishlist is geared towards luxury as I’m trying to step away from fast fashion. It’s also pretty extensive but by no means do I plan to purchase everything. Its really just a reference as I will look to this list every time I reach a savings goal and allow myself to buy something.

Puzzle Bag :: Princeton Loafer :: Coin Purse :: Signet Ring :: Logo Slide :: Sunglasses



MOYA :: Mama Baguette (the patent leather is all mine) :: Classic Coat :: Sock Sneaker

Thats it! If you would like me to share more affordable options of my picks, like below and I’ll add links to this post.




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