Run to Your Nearest F21 & Buy these Summer Looks Before They Sell Out

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while (thank you btw), then you know that my taste tends to lean in the Mid price range of fashion to oozing over luxury goods. So I was pleasantly surprised when I walked past my local F21 and saw pieces that not only drew me into the store but that I actually wanted to buy. Shocker yes, but hear me out. Heres my issue with F21, the clothes are on the cheap end of the fast fashion scale and its always a toss up whether it will last past a couple wears. Also, for my girls with bigger boobs, hips, butts and thighs the size chart F21 uses is not on our side. For these reasons alone, I stopped shopping here a long time ago… that is until this past week.

On the other hand, I don’t like spending tons of money on my summer wardrobe. Mostly because New York only enjoys three months of summer (currently praying it stops raining ) & I spend a large chunk of my time at work. Even though we have a pretty casual dress code there are summer pieces that I will never feel comfortable wearing to the office. So I tend to keep my summer purchases on the lower end and splurge on one or two staple dressed and sandals. The reason these pieces from F21 caught my eye is because they’re all reminiscent of other brands, specifically Mango and Reformation. Both of these brands are known for always putting out excellent spring/summer collections but at much higher price points. So If I found these items, I’m sure others will too & that means they’re going to sell out quick!

p.s. I already bought a half of this list


Row One – Top :: Jumpsuit

Row Two – Skirt :: Crop Top :: White Top

Row Three – Jumpsuit :: Pants :: Top

Row Four – Top :: Jumpsuit :: Dress

Row Five – Romper :: Jeans :: Top :: Skirt



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