The Pieces I Actually Bought for Fall & Why I Stopped Writing Trendy Post

Guys Fall (possibly winter) is here. Every year at this time, magazines, bloggers and influencers everywhere are pushing out Fall content to transition us into the new season. I’ve always approached Fall fashion the same way.  I would rack my brain to create different, creative content that is geared towards trends & what I think readers will want to see. But here’s the thing, the more I pay attention to what you, the readers, enjoy and which post have the most viewership, almost all of them revolve around a topic where I just talk about my opinion.  So this year I’m doing something different. I’m just going to discuss the stuff I actually bought for Fall.

Leather Pants, they are a necessity for me. Normal people wear black pants or black jeans in the colder months but I wear a whole lot of leather, in different styles and different colors. Why? Because they go with everything & they’re warm. This year I knew I wanted to invest in real leather pants. They  can be pretty expensive but worth every penny. I got my pair on sale and they fit so well. The black is sold out but I linked to some of my other favorites and the classic Zara leather leggings that I wear all the time.

Leather Pants 2

Athleisure, which I’m not sure is an actual word yet, but its a very real clothing category for me. Basically, if I’m not going anywhere on the weekends you can find me in a matching sweat suit or leggings and hoodie combo. Finding just the right look, not too fancy (circa juicy couture) but not pajamas, can be tough. I added a non brand PLT suit that is turning out to be a staple already and I have a Champion hoodie in my cart that I’m gonna pull the trigger on as soon a discount code floats my way.


Boots, as a NY transplant boots season, aka its brick outside, is the majority of the year.  I started with a basic black pair from Zara. I love that the toe is slightly rounded but nothing too exaggerated, perfect for every day wear . I also waned to add a white boot into the mix, a trend last year that resurfaced even stronger this year. I love the contrast of white with blue jeans and outerwear. A random stop into the 260 Fifth Sandro sample sale last week led me to the pair I purchased. They are last season so not available but I’ve linked this option, which I was contemplating buying.


Outerwear, last but certainly not least, which to know me is to know I LOVE outerwear. NYC is a cold city and its inevitable that you will face the elements, why not do it in style? So this year I went for two complete opposites, the first an all black faux fur.  A real fur is something I’ve had on my wish list for awhile but this was too good to pass up. I love that it’s somewhat slouchy so it can be worn casually while the all black colorway gives it a chic edge. The next coat I bought was a wild card that I found while browsing Newlook. A classic, tailored red coat which will be a pop of color and huge compliment to my dark wardrobe.

OuterwearI I think the change in my feelings toward this topic is my growing distaste towards the “excess” message that the fashion industry pushes. While I’m not necessarily at the point of capsule wardrobe, I do believe in having a uniform and being very aware of what you have and what you actually need. Approaching shopping with this mindset has not only saved me a lot money but also made me appreciative of what I have. I don’t buy without purpose and if I don’t use something I immediately sell or donate it. If you guys want to see a closet edit video let me know in the comments and tell me your favorites from my Fall Purchases!



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